Mohr Partners, Inc. Transaction Managers are unparalleled professionals who strive to provide perfect service to Mohr Partner’s clients.  Mohr Partners only represents commercial space occupiers, this way there is never a conflict of interest to impose on your real estate performance.

You focus on your work while we handle how property works for the organization. Mohr Partners Transaction Managers represent occupiers in the leasing, acquisition, and disposition of commercial real estate. These professionals are set apart from others in our industry by a commitment to transparent representation that ensures no competing interests are at play when determining the best path for your business. They go beyond providing market intelligence to bring expertise in your industry.


  •  Leasing
      1. Renewals
      2. Relocation
      3. Expansion
      4. Extension
      5. Consolidation
      6. Early terminations/buy-outs
      7. Release
      8.  Sublease
  • Acquisition
  • Disposition
  • Sale/Leaseback

For more information about Transaction Management services please contact Crystal Jutte.