Regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, language or ability, Mohr Partners accepts its employees without hesitation. Having a diverse place to work at every day is important to potential applicants seeking a new job. We include all types of people within our firm and understand that a more diverse environment has multiple benefits for everyone.

Mohr Partners is proud to be MBE Certified. Since 2017, our company has employed multiple types of people with different backgrounds and experiences to drive our firm to the highest points of success. We plan to continue this practice of diversity and company excellence to carry us into the future of the commercial real estate industry.


  • Matt Smoot Rejoins Mohr Partners as our new Managing Director

    June 4th, 2020

    Mohr Partners, Inc. the world’s largest wholly-owned commercial real estate advisory firm exclusively focused on representing tenants, has hired Matt...
  • Mohr Partners, Inc. has Been Named One of the Top 25 Commercial Real Estate Brands by The Lipsey Company for 2020

    February 21st, 2020

    Mohr Partners, Inc., the world’s largest wholly-owned commercial real estate services firm providing global corporations and US public-sector clients...